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IFS, EMDR, AEDP, what do all these letters actually mean?!? It can be frustrating as you’re looking through the Good Therapy website, trying to find a good therapist, when all these acronyms, or different treatment types are thrown around. This post will help you understand the different modalities of therapy that we use at the […]

The guide to Therapeutic Modalities: What do all those acronyms mean anyway?

Forgiveness. Just reading that word probably brings up a lot of different feelings and ideas about what it entails. For many people, forgiveness is loaded with pressure: “…you must forgive people” “…you should forgive your parents, they were just doing their best” “…forgive and forget” This post is not about defining forgiveness or talking about […]

Forgiveness and Boundaries: Why Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean Forget and go back to “Normal”