Our desire is to serve you, your partner or significant other, and your entire family. The therapists at The Phoenix Counseling Collective are trained in working with a myriad of individuals, couples, and families with all types of struggles. Those who come to The Phoenix Counseling Collective benefit from an individualized team approach to care for you and the ones you love. 

Who We Serve 

Sometimes we take stock of our lives and realize that the life we have is not the one we envisioned for ourselves. Our choices seem out of our control. We are reactive, overwhelmed, sad, and feel helpless. Maybe our relationships are falling apart or we keep finding ourselves with people who are not emotionally healthy. In fact, we are in a lot of pain from our current set of situations. We have been acted upon and we have acted. The patterns keep seeming to happen. We want change and growth. Individual counseling can be a way to become aware of why we do what we do and how we got to the juncture in our life we find ourselves in. Our therapists are here to assist you in the process of self discovery so that you can begin to grow and live more freely.

Individual Counseling

Being in a relationship with another person can be wonderful and difficult. No matter what type of partnership you are in (traditional marriage, cohabiting, same-sex, divorced, separated, considering getting married, or never intend to get married), trying to learn how to communicate with another person and live in harmony with them takes some work. Our non-judgmental therapists want to help your and your partner work to create a relationship that is mutually beneficial for you and your significant other.

Couples Counseling

As parents you want the best for your kids and your family, but sometimes the tension in the house just always seems to be elevated. We can help you work to understand your children and adolescents, and the dynamics and patterns that are going on in your household, so that there can be more peace and harmony. 

Family Counseling

COVID Update

We are thankful for our community and clients at The Phoenix Counseling Collective.

In order to ensure the safety of our clients and staff we are offering in person & virtual sessions for clients utilizing a HIPAA-compliant platform. During this time of uncertainty and isolation, we desire to walk alongside you in the safest way possible. Our mental health is so important during this stressful time, and we are thankful that we have various ways to navigate these times. Please contact our office if you have any questions or would like to set up an in person or teletherapy session.

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