Unlike counseling, consulting does not include the full process of diagnosis, treatment planning, and case management. Consequently, you cannot bill your insurance for consulting. 

How Consulting differs from Counseling

Consulting at The Phoenix Counseling Collective involves looking at your story and its impact on your present personal physiological & emotional experience and on your relationships. Meeting with a consultant provides you with an expert sounding board who can offer some insight, guidance, curiosity, and a safe place to process without the full spectrum of treatment.

What is Individual Consulting?

Individual Consulting

Maybe you don’t really understand the big deal about Emotional Intelligence or you do and you don’t think that you need intensive one on one help, but you want some tools and some growth in this area. Our Leadership Perception Group may be a great option. 

Don’t know if this if for you?

All leaders can grow in their effectiveness at being able to read their own internal experience and the “rooms” that they are in. As the leader, others look to you to help them be effective. But, who does the leader have to lean on? Leadership Consulting around EQ can help a leader understand the dynamics of what is going on in his/her organization and be able to process and problem solve in a safe environment.

For other leaders, it has already become painfully clear that they need help. A complaint or a number of complaints may have been filed from staff about a leader’s lack of ability to engage with employees, or a board has taken disciplinary action, or even more painfully a leader has lost his/her job. In all of these situations, there is great deal of benefit to having a safe outside perspective to help you reflect and problem solve how to best respond and react to those who work for you and those you work with in your organization.    

Who would Benefit from Leadership Consulting?

Leadership Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Consulting

Self-awareness and awareness of others are your greatest resources as a leader or entrepreneur. Without the ability to clearly assess what is happening internally with ourselves and the ability to see the interpersonal dynamics at play in our work environment, we can make missteps that can result in costly mistakes both with personnel and our overall organizational strategy, not to mention negatively impact our own personal life. One on one consulting can help a leader explore his or her internal reactions in a confidential forum where he or she can understand what they bring to the interactions at work and how best to act and respond in an effective way. 

What is Leadership EQ Consulting?

There will be a 3-4 hour deep dive on what Emotional Intelligence is and how it impacts you as a leader and your organization. Then there will be 4 weeks of 1.5 hour group sessions to process each aspect of EQ that you are practicing for that week. Leaders can bring experiences from the week into the group to process and get coaching around real life situations happening for the leader and/or in his or her organization.  

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What to Expect:

• A Confidential space outside of your organization with others who are in similar leadership contexts
• A Highly experiential learning environment where participants bring current leadership challenges to process with the group and discover solutions that fit their context
• An Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment to help you better gauge your own self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social-awareness, and social-regulation
• Confidential, one-on-one session to review the results of your EQ assessment
• Practical tools and education on neurobiology to help you strengthen EQ and thus be a more effective leader
• Professional group facilitation by Loren Kutsko with Kutsko Consulting and Caleb Mitchell

What the Perception Group Offers:

Often, as the leader, there are few arenas to honesty wrestle with and freely express your most puzzling situations. This working group’s purpose is to provide this very type of confidential environment as well as tools and perspectives to use in your current context.

self-awareness – self-regulation – motivation – social awareness – social regulation

a working group to grow your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Leadership Perception EQ Group

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