Yes! We are happy to refer you to people we trust in the greater Phoenix area, whether that’s another therapist, psychiatrist, or other practitioner. 

Will you offer referrals if we aren’t a good fit or I need services that the PHX CC doesn’t provide?

Everything you talk about with your therapist is confidential. Our counseling licenses require us to keep your information and what we talk about between you and us. There are only a few exceptions where we are required by law to divulge something spoken in a session. Because we are mandated reporters, we must report to the appropriate state agencies if there is physical abuse or neglect happening to a child or a vulnerable adult. We would also notify family or emergency services if a client was planning on hurting themselves or others. 

Is what we talk about in therapy confidential?

Clients may choose in person or virtual sessions.

Do you offer virtual sessions?

Realizing that the therapeutic process is primarily a relational process, finding a counselor or consultant that you gel with is important. Consequently, we are willing to talk by phone to discuss your goals for counseling and answer any questions about how we see the therapeutic process.

How do I know if we are a good fit?

Many people choose to start by meeting weekly or bi-weekly. This will be something to discuss with your therapist to meet both your mental health and economic needs.

How often will I need to come?

We have therapists that are available Monday through Saturday. We offer early morning, afternoon and evening appointments to try and accommodate the needs of our clients’ lifestyles and schedules.
Our administrative hours are 10am - 3pm Monday - Friday. All phone calls & emails will be responded to during those hours. 

What are your Hours?

Working with interns looks basically the same as working with another therapist. Interns have been in their Master's level therapy program and are now in their clinical internship to get hands-on experience in the therapy setting. They bring both their educational experience, as well as their life experience. All interns are supervised by Phx CC's clinical supervisor and their school faculty. 


We have intern therapists at a rate of $85 per session.
Sliding scale options for current clients can be discussed with therapists.


Individual session: $135-$220 per 50-55min session depending on level of licensure and training of the therapist. 

Family & couples counseling session: $155-$260 per 50-55min session depending on level of licensure and training of the therapist. 

Individual Consulting: $155 per session       

What are your rates?

Unlike counseling, consulting does not follow a traditional therapeutic process. Consultation is like getting an expert’s questions, guidance, advice, and direction, but without the agreement to diagnose or follow a treatment plan. Consultants also have no responsibility for case management.

What is the difference between Counseling and Consulting?

*For a long while we did take insurance at The Phoenix Counseling Collective, but stopped taking it a few years ago. This was a difficult decision for us. We did not want to create barriers to counseling for people, and we realized that many people want/need to use their insurance. In the end, we came to the place where we decided that we did not want to continue to be part of a system that pathologizes human suffering and the ways that we humans often respond by using painful and self-defeating tactics to survive. Our clinicians diagnose, which helps us put language to what is going on for our clients, but this information does not go to your insurance, and therefore on your permanent medical record. We also did not want insurance companies to dictate to us how and when to do therapy. Our hope is that counseling is a safe space and not something that a client is worried about a 3rd party keeping tabs on what is happening in the counseling room. In an attempt to help those who need help with cost, we have interns on staff who have reduced rates, and all of our clinicians have a certain number of slots that they offer a sliding scale fee.

If you wish to submit a claim to your insurance, we can provide you a superbill that you can then submit to your insurance provider to get reimbursed depending on what out of network benefits you have. 

We do not take insurance.* We accept cash, check, credit card and FSA/HSA debit cards for payment.

Do you take insurance?

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