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Our practice has been utilizing telehealth the past couple of weeks, and as we transition we wanted to offer some information that might be helpful.   Some Things are Still the Same: Therapy isn’t confined to a specific time, place, or modality. Much of what you’ve already been working on in the office can continue […]

The Transition to Telehealth/Teletherapy

When couples come into my office, it usually isn’t because their marriage is going well, and they just want to talk about how happy they are. Instead, it’s quite the opposite. They come in because something is broken in their relationship. Their connection has become disconnected. They have lost something they are afraid is “un-find-able”. […]

The “Magic” Math of Healthy Relationships

Ask a Therapist: What is Transference? When you Google the word “transference” this is what you’ll find: trans·fer·ence noun: transference Psychoanalysis the redirection to a substitute, usually a therapist, of emotions that were originally felt in childhood So.. what does that actually mean? How does this show up with you in therapy and what does […]

Ask a Therapist: What is Transference?