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IFS, EMDR, AEDP, what do all these letters actually mean?!? It can be frustrating as you’re looking through the Good Therapy website, trying to find a good therapist, when all these acronyms, or different treatment types are thrown around. This post will help you understand the different modalities of therapy that we use at the […]

The guide to Therapeutic Modalities: What do all those acronyms mean anyway?

Love, As You Know It “I don’t want to end up with someone like my dad.” “Why do I keep ending up in unhealthy relationships/friendships?” “We just keep doing the same thing over and over and it’s not working.” “ I don’t want my kids to repeat my mistakes.” “We feel stuck and we don’t […]

Love, As You Know It

Seasonal Affective Disorder – Even Desert Dwellers Struggle Here in Phoenix, we are still in the “dog days of summer.” You can find many posts with the hashtag #dogdaysofsummer, which mostly include cute dogs and beautiful water destinations, but that is not what the original use of the term “dog days of summer” was referring […]

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in Phoenix

Disclaimer: These are just some thoughts of one therapist. Use them if they are helpful. Discard all others.  “Why provide therapy in a time like this?” This is the question that bounced around in me during the first 2 weeks of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Ironically, this question was not a conscious one, but instead one […]

Why Provide Therapy at a Time Like This? A Psychotherapist Questions his Profession During COVID-19

Our practice has been utilizing telehealth the past couple of weeks, and as we transition we wanted to offer some information that might be helpful.   Some Things are Still the Same: Therapy isn’t confined to a specific time, place, or modality. Much of what you’ve already been working on in the office can continue […]

The Transition to Telehealth/Teletherapy

Advice for Spouses Confined to Their Homes: Make a schedule and plan for downtime. Having some structure can help parents and children have a sense of normalcy. It will also help guide the day and can create a team atmosphere about how you will all do the day together. Humans thrive with rhythms in their […]

Parenting, Partnering, and BE-ing During the COVID19 Pandemic

Forgiveness. Just reading that word probably brings up a lot of different feelings and ideas about what it entails. For many people, forgiveness is loaded with pressure: “…you must forgive people” “…you should forgive your parents, they were just doing their best” “…forgive and forget” This post is not about defining forgiveness or talking about […]

Forgiveness and Boundaries: Why Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean Forget and go back to “Normal”

“Falling in Love” is a phrase we often hear.  It is a phrase we use to describe the confluence of biological, physical and emotional aspects of attraction and connection to someone. Yes, it feels real. It is fun and exciting, and it can lay the groundwork for a solid friendship and loving attachment. What is […]

Myths and Facts about Falling in Love

For our first post of 2020, we are addressing “New Year’s Resolutions.” We cover whether we are in favor of them or against them and why, and some ideas for alternatives.  Life’s natural rhythm provides us with opportunities to stop, start, pause, and replay. Birthdays and anniversaries can help us remember, holidays give us pause […]

Ask a Therapist: Are New Year’s Resolutions a Good Idea?

Every year, around the holidays stress levels go up. There’s a lot to do! Our therapists here at the Phoenix Counseling Collective have put together a list of ideas to help you through this season. For Your General Well Being: #1) Plan something you really enjoy. We often get caught up in doing things for […]

Therapist Tips for the Holidays